Red Brick on Main

Mon - Fri.


10 am - 8 pm - $175 plus tax



Sat – Sun.


10am – 8pm - $265 plus tax


What’s included?

Hall rental with seating for 50 people, Refrigerator, Warming cabinet, Coolers for ice, XM Radio, private parking.



*Dish service package*

 $50 plus tax


Includes plates and silverware. The Dish service package is for plates and silverware provided by the Red Brick on Main only. The Lessee must scrape plates off in trash receptacle for our staff and stack neatly in the provided tubs. Cups are not included you must bring your own.


What’s not Included and what do we need to do prior and after our venue?

After you pick your date and time slot, we will meet the day of your event provide you with a key for the building and go over any equipment instructions that you may be unfamiliar with.

* Cups and Ice are not provided. *


At the conclusion of your event, we ask that you return the facility back to its original set up and give it a quick clean up by wiping off the tables and sweeping the floor.

*pricing subject to change


Thank you for considering renting the Red Brick on Main to hold your special event!

Chris and Holly